35 years
in the field with you.

Continuous innovation, excellent materials and advanced technologies with long standing tradition behind them.

In a constantly evolving market, Alpego’s mission is to be the ideal partner: we provide increasingly innovative and high-performance solutions, with the aim of maximising your profit.



The perfect Alpego machine for you

Every Alpego product is designed with the daily needs of field workers in mind, creating the best solutions for every terrain.

“Our products meet the specific needs of those who love and farm the land. We work with passion, anticipating the needs of tomorrow”.

Luciano Pegoraro

Founder of Alpego

Quality of

the Raw Materials

Alpego selects its raw materials with care and maintains a stable relationship over time with its suppliers so that product quality requirements are constantly met.



In order to meet the pace of the market, a careful and periodic schedule is planned. All Alpego machines have a destination even before they are produced, and thanks to this organisation we guarantee 95% compliance with the delivery date.

Production philosophy

The ‘ALPEGO INSIDE’ sticker certifies the very high quality of all our products. It is the common thread that unites top-quality materials, an environmentally sustainable painting process and certified welding, testifying to proven durability and quality over time.

Our range

Over 50 professional products made to meet the different needs of a constantly evolving industry.

The Alpego line dedicated to the vineyard and specialized equipment

New products, old tradition