Your Partner In The Field

The market evolves but Alpego’s mission remains unchanged: to be at the service of agriculture to provide operators with increasingly innovative and high-performance solutions that ensure profit from their work.

Innovation in agriculture today means building a sustainable future.

Giovanni Pegoraro

Founder of Alpego

We are Alpego

Between tradition and business

We are an Italian company with over fifty years of experience in the industry, now in its third generation and still run by the founding family.

We operate with a great passion and focus on innovation, which has always distinguished us internationally.

The Pegoraro family

From left to right: Filippo Pegoraro, Giovanni Pegoraro, Nicola Pegoraro, Luciano Pegoraro, Luca Pegoraro.



Over 25,000 square metres of administrative, technical and sales offices, a large area for assembly, painting, machine dispatch and spare parts warehouse.


In the World

Alpego has always believed in the importance of growth and internationalisation to increase its ability to evolve and create value.

A serious, thoughtful expansion plan based on experience and the ability to respond quickly to the demands of the international market in tune with its dealers led Alpego to open its branch in France in 2001.

This desire to always be alongside its customers has led to a structured network of importers and dealers which, to date, is in full expansion.

Alpego nel mondo mappa

The real protagonists

concrete support

Business partners

Every business partner is a key player in the success of Alpego.

We provide our importers and dealers with all the tools and support necessary to develop a stable relationship with the end customer.

Following this philosophy, we offer a commercial and technical training programme carried out by qualified professionals, who follow partners from pre-sales to after-sales at an international level.

Join the Alpego team

The number of employees, the average age of which is 35, is constantly growing and continuously and specifically trained.