After Sales

Alpego is committed to supporting its customers every day.

Alpego service

More than a service,
it is a duty

Those who choose Alpego have one certainty: a notoriously qualified and efficient after-sales service, a concrete company, organised and willing to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market.

Alpego Service is committed to supporting its collaborators every day, always finding the best solutions and positioning itself at the highest level in problem solving.

Spare parts catalogue

In order to promptly respond to every request from our customers, our After Sales department has made available a dedicated spare parts catalogue portal that allows you to locate and order replacement parts for the machine you have purchased.

Alpego Premium Service Portal

For quick and easy handling of warranty claims, Alpego has created the Premium Service Portal, a user-friendly portal that allows direct collaboration with the after-sales department and reduces machine downtime.

Technical Manuals

The technical department has made the user, maintenance and set-up manuals for Alpego machines available, providing the user with practical and constant online support to facilitate consultation on the correct use of the product.

Spare Parts

Buying original spare parts allows you to maintain the high performance of your Alpego machines, ensuring their longevity and efficiency.

Alpego Oils

A team of professionals has developed Alpego Oils, a line of lubricants specifically designed for use in Alpego machines. Lubrication plays a key role in machinery maintenance, influencing the service life and operation of all transmission gears.

Training channel

To supplement the after-sales service, Alpego provides a constantly updated YouTube channel. The Alpego Training Channel brings together multiple video tutorials, designed and created by our specialist team, to support customers from field deployment through to product maintenance.