Power Harrows

Power harrows are the most flexible professional soil tillage machines, performing in all soil types and situations. n addition, combined with a broadcast seed-drill, they provide a high level of performance in both economic and agronomic terms.

Alpego Mechanics

Unique and performing

The ball-bearing mechanics is mounted on a wide range of power harrows, up to 6 meter wide and it offers excellent structural performances. The machines equipped with this kind of solution are ideal for the preparation of the seedbed. 

Meccanica Twin Force Tek

The patented Twin Force Tek, used in the professional models is ideal for deep soil cultivation and combined machines. The machines equipped with this type of mechanics are suited to be used with high-power tractors. The machines equipped with this type of mechanics are suited to be used with high-power tractors.

The patented solution Twin Force Max, used in the top-of-the-range professional models further improves the structural features and yields the utmost reliability in the use of very high power tractors of up to 500 HP.

Rotor timing sequence

All the tines’ holders mounted on the power harrows we manufacture follow a very precise sequence. This prevents vibrations of the transmission gears with the resulting decrease of power absorption.

3-hole tines

The 3-hole forged tines are available in standard, wearproof and plus versions. The 3-hole tine allows universal mounting for both bolt-on and quick-release versions. Available for Twin Force Tek and Twin Force Max mechanics.

denti per erpici
denti per erpici


Choosing the TINE


Entirely designed at Alpego


By switching or replacing the gear pair it is possible to obtain several different rpm of the rotors. This makes it possible to optimize the work of the power harrow depending on the type of soil, on the forward speed and on the degree of required crumbling.


Because the outer casings of the large-dimension bevel gears are enveloping them, these are able to perform a very important self-lubrication, while cooling all internal components at the same time. Thanks to this solution the Alpego power harrows do not need any further cooling systems.


Alpego has always invested in research and development of lubricants with specific characteristics for the use in own machines. Thanks to these features, power harrows benefit from a longer life and optimal functioning of mechanical components.



Details that make the difference

Range of rigid power harrows

Three types of mechanics for a full range up to 4 metres

Range of folding power harrows

Three types of mechanics for a full range up to 8 metres

Leggero e resistente

Gli erpici a sfera prodotti da Alpego garantiscono elevate prestazioni su modelli dai pesi contenuti, con una tenuta di potenza fino ai 300HP.

Le caratteristiche di questa meccanica sono:

  • Albero con trattamento superficiale
  • Doppio cuscinetto a sfera in linea
  • Cuscinetto superiore in asse con la vasca
  • Ingrassatore superiore per garantire la lubrificazione
  • Supporto del rotore avvitato
  • Cuneo parasassi
  • Semiprotezioni dei rotori montate sul piattello (optional)
  • Labirinto antipolvere

La struttura totalmente avvitata, ripresa dalle meccaniche superiori, facilita eventuali manutenzioni nel tempo.

Versatile e performante

Le macchine professionali Alpego sono equipaggiate con la nuova meccanica brevettata Twin Force Tek: ogni coppia di rotori è unita da un nuovo supporto realizzato in un’unica fusione, qualità che ne aumenta la robustezza. Inoltre, sono dotate di cuscinetti conici Timken e di ingranaggi cementati e rinforzati, che garantiscono il massimo dell’affidabilità della trasmissione, con una tenuta di potenza fino ai 350 HP.

Queste soluzioni permettono quindi il raggiungimento di performance eccezionali in termini di:

  • Profondità di lavoro costante e maggiore
  • Incremento della velocità di avanzamento
  • Utilizzo ottimale della potenza disponibile
  • Massima affidabilità e manutenzioni minimizzate
Twin Force Tek

Incredibilmente resistente

Le macchine top di gamma sono dotate della meccanica brevettata TWIN FORCE MAX.

Questa soluzione esalta le caratteristiche del “TEK” grazie ad una maggior lubrificazione, una struttura più robusta e maggior luce libera.

L’erpice così equipaggiato permette il raggiungimento di performance eccellenti in termini di:

  • Incremento della  profondità di lavoro
  • Maggior capacità di lavoro
  • Utilizzo ottimale in condizioni altamente estreme
  • Massima affidabilità
  • Manutenzioni minimizzate
  • Progettato e realizzato per sfruttare i trattori di   altissima potenza

Light weight and durable

The power harrows with ball-bearing mechanics manufactured by Alpego guarantee high performances on models of limited weight for tractors up to 300 HP.

The characteristics of these mechanics are:

  • Shaft with a surface treatment
  • Dual inline ball-bearings
  • Upper ball-bearing is on axis with the gearbed
  • Upper grease nipple to insure lubrication
  • The rotor support is screwed on
  • Stone guard
  • Half-rock guards mounted on a plate (optional)
  • Labyrinth dust protection

The entire structure is screwed on from the top, which makes future maintenance procedures easier.

Versatile and high-performance

Alpego professional machines are equipped with the new TWIN FORCE TEK patented mechanics: each pair of rotors is mounted on a new one-piece support for even greater ruggedness. They are also equipped with Timken tapered roller bearings and reinforced hardened gears, guaranteeing the transmission’s reliability and compatibility with tractors of up to 350 HP.

This solution thus enables outstanding performance in terms of:

  • Constant greater working depth
  • Higher forward speed
  • Optimal use of the power available
  • Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance
Twin Force Tek

Incredibly resistant

The top-of-the range machines are equipped with the patented Twin Force MAX mechanics.

This solution enhances the features of the “TEK”, thanks to a better lubrication, a sturdier structure and an increased ground clearence.

The power harrow thus equipped makes it possible to achieve exceptional performance in terms of:

  • Increased working depth
  • Increased work capacity
  • Use under extremely difficult conditions
  • Highest reliability
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Designed and developed to exploit tractors of very high power