Focus Line

The Alpego line dedicated to the vineyard and specialized equipment

The combination of specialised mechanisation and technology is indispensable
for economic and environmental sustainability. These two features reduce
the times, costs and chemical usage
for a better environment.


New products, old tradition

With a new environmental awareness and solid knowledge handed down over the years, passion and technology come together to create Focus Line, a range of innovative products for the vineyard, orchard and maintenance of green areas. The new line includes a specialised range of machines designed for mechanical inter-row weeding, rotary cultivators, power harrows, subsoilers, cultivators, aerators, seed-drills and multi-purpose flail mowers, also suited for low, tight crops.


Inter-row tillage allows the control of weeds, performing a totally mechanical and therefore ecological weeding.

In addition, it allows numerous functions and benefits: it breaks up the surface crust, it can bury fertilisers and green manure, it increases organic matter and stimulates vegetative activitỳ.


Seed drilling

The seed drill, combined with the power harrow, makes it possible to level the soil between rows and sow grass mixtures or green manure in a single pass. Alpego specialised seed drills ensure uniform seed drilling while remaining agile thanks to their compact dimensions.


Inter-row tillage

The purposes of inter-row tillage are different: to maintain a clean and well levelled lane between rows, to control weed growth, to increase the amount of organic matter, to finish any green manure, to loosen and decompact the soil.

Rotary Tillers

Power Harrows

Cultivation and drainage

Inter-row cultivation of the soil is useful for controlling weeds, burying fertilisers or green manure and stimulating vegetative activity. Drainage between rows facilitates water storage and eliminates compactation of any tracks.


Green maintenance

Green maintenance is a crucial aspect of ensuring the health and care of our outdoor spaces. An essential tool for this activity is the multi-purpose flail mower, a machine which enables effective and fast cleaning of green areas, orchards and vineyards.
Alpego models are reliable and versatile for every need: from cutting grass to shredding prunings, wood residues and stalks.

Alpego’s range of flail mowers meets the needs of customers looking for durable, high-performance machines with unique technical solutions in the market.

Multi-purpose flail mowers