Inter-row tillage


Inter-row tillage

The purposes of inter-row tillage are different: to maintain a clean and well levelled lane between rows, to control weed growth, to increase the amount of organic matter, to finish any green manure, to loosen and decompact the soil.

power harrows for vineyards and orchards

Robust, compact and high-performing

Compact and ideal for use in tight spaces, such as vineyards, thanks to the design of the lateral frames, bevelled profiles and compact size.

Alpego power harrows are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, including firm, heavy and stony soils. The high-tensile steel frame and high-performing mechanics make it ideal for use with high-power tractors.

Alpego specialised power harrows are equipped with ball-bearing mechanics that guarantee high performance on light-weight models, with a power handling capacity of up to 140HP.

The characteristics of these mechanics are:

  • • shaft with surface treatment
  • • dual inline ball bearing
  • • upper bearing in axis with upper grease pan
  • • to ensure lubrication
  • • screwed rotor support
  • • guard against foreign bodies as standard
  • • rotor half-rock guards mounted on the
  • maze-shaped dust protection

The entire structure is screwed on from the top, which makes future maintenance procedures easier.


power harrows for vineyards

All the advantages

FV and FB rotary tillers can be configured with either a roller or side skids.

Power harrows for vineyards

Vineyard rotary tillers