30 years of Alpego

November 5, 2018

Alpego celebrates its first 30 years.

The story of Alpego is tied to a name and the early post-war years in Italy, when Vittorio Pegoraro, born in 1921, started building his first farming machines in a little town in north-eastern Italy, with the help of his wife Agnese. His work soon gained ground, becoming popular with top raking manufacturers, always responding to the needs with innovative solutions.

In 1988 the sons of Vittorio, Giovanni and Luciano, on the strength of experience working with their father, decided to follow the family passion, and took up a new challenge. The same small town in north-eastern Italy was the starting point, but the business now looked towards the international markets, creating Alpego THE BEST TECHNOLOGY IN THE FIELD.

New concepts were developed right away, destined to revolutionise farming: they were among the first in Italy to aim at the folding power harrow, the flailmower with exclusive central transmission and the concept of subsoiling.

Between 1995 and 2000 saw impressive development across Europe, thanks also to the arrival of Nicola, to then reach in 2001 the first fundamental step to consolidating the Alpego brand outside Italian borders: the opening of our French subsidiary.

In view of the expansion onto international markets, the introduction of new machines became indispensable. Thus the company decided to produce increasingly high performing products, entering into the world of more complex and combined machinery, and by 2006 the company’s turnover abroad exceeded the national equivalent.

The constant growth of the business by 2008 led Alpego to build a new headquarters to meet the expansion and best respond to customer demands.

In 2012 the company officially entered its 3rd generation with the entrance of Luca and Filippo Pegoraro.

Thus in 2018 Alpego celebrated its first 30 years of business, and in the wake of internationalisation consolidated its presence in all continents, backed by the strong aim of having “the best technology in the field” and offering “the best possible customer service”.

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