Agritechnica is your chance to check out the smart solutions of PFNetwork

September 21, 2023

At Agritechnica 2023, the main international event dedicated to technical innovation in agriculture, the PFN “Precision Farming Network” team will also be on hand to introduce the customers of partner companies to all the benefits of their new technologies and connected services, including the innovative system for the traceability of farming processes. This ground-breaking solution should be adopted well in advance of the upcoming changes to the regulatory framework and market demands, for which we recommend being ready in good time!

Innovation and smart agriculture in line with EU grants in the farming sector

In 2019 the European Commission launched the ambitious plan for reform called the Green Deal, with the aim of redefining Europe’s growth paradigm to make it more and more sustainable and inclusive. The food and farming sector, regulated by the multiannual community planning of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and involved in the “From Farm to Fork” strategic plan, is an integral part of this process. Aims include the need to reduce the environmental and climate-change impact of the production chain, cut emissions to net zero, guarantee the security of food supplies and exploit technical innovations for a genuine green transition.

These goals can be achieved with the aid of latest-generation technological tools, which enable total traceability of farming operations and the achievement of extremely precise performance, to make optimal use of every resource. The PFN digital system, created in partnership with xFarm Technologies, which enables use of the digitalisation of Isobus machines to gather significant information in real time, forms part of this process With agricultural equipment with PFN technology, operators can automatically record the date, the position, the quantity and the product used during farming procedures, with the simplicity of a single user interface.

Thanks to the technology available from PFN, farmers optimise raw material use and supply traceability to the production chain: an impressive saving for the farm, which becomes more sustainable and improves its relationship of trust with the consumer. This digital tool also gives access to incentives and is able to generate automated documents just a click away.

PFN, how does it work?

After purchasing an implement from a PFN partner like Alpego, the farmer simply fits it with a hardware accessory and uses the free xFarm app to follow an activation procedure, with our experts always available to help you in optimal use of the system. The app gives access to a wide range of functions, including selection of crops and the products used during procedures, which are automatically entered in the “campaign log”. Raw material use can then be shared with the whole production chain by sharing the data acquired in the app.

Book your appointment at Agritechnica

We strongly believe in this project, and during the upcoming Hanover exhibition we will be providing a PFN partner to reply to all your queries and enable you to test the app’s benefits. We’ll be at Agritechnica from 12 to 18 November 2023, at stand C-31 in Hall 11. Book your individual consultation now by email to For all information, please refer to the platform’s website:

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