Alpego electronics for Agriculture 4.0

April 4, 2024

The agriculture value chain is facing bigger and bigger challenges: from climate change to food security through to geopolitical crises, every farm is having to consider many obstacles when planning its action strategy, to work quickly and efficiently with minimal consumption while maintaining a high product quality.

To meet these needs, for several years now we have been seeing the transition to a model of smart, 4.0 agriculture that combines agronomics, technology and IT systems right from the production of agricultural machines themselves. Alpego offers the new technologies of Alpego Intelligence, developed in-house through lengthy technical research to offer constantly higher-performing, more reliable machines.

Agriculture 4.0, the Alpego solutions

Agriculture 4.0 exploits the latest technologies to bring innovative solutions to the market, with the aim of improving performance in the field, productivity, product quality and supply chain traceability while reducing waste.

Adhering strictly to these principles, Alpego has consolidated its own team of developers to program the electronics to be applied to machines and created a number of packages.

Alpego A.I. GUARD

The A.I. GUARD package enables monitoring of a large number of machine parameters directly from the driving seat: the temperature and rotation speed of the mechanical transmissions are displayed on the screen. It also has a system of visual and audio alarms that alert the user if critical temperature levels are exceeded and give notification if the automatic limiters of the drive shafts are tripped. What’s more, the system issues alerts for planned maintenance jobs, helping the user to ensure that the machine always performs at its best.

A.I. GUARD is available as standard on DTEK and DTEK PLUS power harrows, both of which received their worldwide preview at Agritechnica 2023, and the largest model in the family, the DMAX.

AI Guard monitor

Alpego A.I. MOVE

To even further increase its products’ efficiency, Alpego has developed the second package, A.I. MOVE, which includes all the characteristics of A.I. GUARD while also enabling management of functions and accessories from the tractor’s monitor, reducing its hydraulic connections.

To mention just a few of the possible functions, this electronic package is able to: control opening and closing of the machine; regulate the working depth and pressure; provide precise, geolocated control of tilling; manage tillage via Task Control; and collect data. This all results in greater safety for the farmer, who can perform all these tasks from the driving seat, and shorter tillage times, meaning lower fuel costs. Guarda l’animazione che illustra le numerose funzionalità dell’elettronica, visita il nostro canale YouTube “Alpego Training Channel”.

Installed as standard on the new SKAT MAX hydro-pneumatic folding subsoiler, the A.I. MOVE electronic package is also available on a number of power harrows and combined seed-drills, enabling state-of-the-art ISOBUS control of functions. Both packages can also be used with a tractor without ISOBUS, with the aid of a UT monitor.

AI Move monitor

The future of agriculture 4.0 is data-based

Alpego is at work to develop new solutions and extend these technologies into all its ranges, to offer its customers genuine solutions to the sector’s needs. Agriculture 4.0 is concentrating on the acquisition and storage of data, more and more automatic control of machines and integrated systems, all factors that facilitate work in the field with benefits for both the farm and the downstream consumers.

Visit the Alpego Intelligence page for further information about our products.

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