Alpego supports Andrea Dovizioso’s 04 Park

April 30, 2024

Your Partner In The Field, this is the mission of Alpego, a company that began as a small family business over 35 years ago and today represents the leading Italian brand in the production of agricultural machinery. At its third generation and still run by the founding family, Alpego stands out on the world market for the high quality of its products, offering a wide range of machinery designed to meet the needs of those who work in the field every day. Alpego products guarantee maximum performance, solidity and efficiency, to be always aligned with the major sector trends and new technologies.

It was our constant desire to be a presence, every day, alongside the customer in order to design increasingly high-performance solutions, that made us realise that Alpego could be the perfect partner for the 04 Park – Monte Coralli. The ambitious project of being able to create a meeting place that will represent a unique combination of agriculture and sport, is the foundation from which this collaboration was founded.

We have decided to become an official partner of the 04 Park, enhancing the healthy and active lifestyle that this place will represent. For this purpose, no less than two agricultural machines manufactured by Alpego will be used on the race track: the new DTEK-PLUS power harrow which will be used for the track preparation, and the TL31 lateral flail mowerthat will be used for the green maintenance and to keep tidy all the areas of the court, including the most sloping ones.

Alpego X 04 Park

Alpego is enthusiastic to be a part of the success of 04 Park and to continue to be the trusted partner of farmers and sports enthusiasts around the world. These are the official statements:

Nicola Pegoraro, Alpego’s Head of Sales «We are happy to be part of this project and to see our machines in a race track, so different from an agricultural field. The 04 Park was born from the passion and commitment of a great sportsman, just as Alpego has been pursuing its love for agriculture. So many customers are fond of this sport and practice it, knowing that many people will see us as partners in this great project makes us even more proud! ».

Andrea Dovizioso, 04 Park – Monte Coralli AD «Perhaps it is not so obvious, but to keep in good condition such a wide area with different inclinations as the 04 Park, you need really high-performance and versatile machinery. In this sense, Alpego has provided us with products that, from the very first use, have helped us to maximise and simplify the maintenance work that the Park requires daily. This support will be even more evident as soon as the Park reopens and, above all, in order to maintain a high standard in the preparation of the tracks, it will be necessary to work constantly. ».

Andrea Dovizioso
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