Fima 2020 Technical Innovation

February 29, 2020

Fima 2020 Technical Innovation

Alpego wins the Technical Innovation award at the trade fair FIMA 2020 in Saragossa with AI-SENSE, the intelligent work management system for the Alpego DmaX power harrow.

The award winning system envisages the control and adjustment of working depth and intensity to obtain the best possible results with minimum energy consumption. AI-SENSE consists of a screen located in the cab (Alpego COMMAND®) and a series of sensors that enable the precise detection of working depth and the load on the levelling bar, as well as machine inclination.

The levelling bar plays an essential role to set the crumbling of the soil and energy consumption of the working process. Wear of the work tools can also be controlled thanks to simple calibration operations assisted by software.

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