Grape growing, using a vineyard flail mower between rows can be crucial

September 20, 2023

The management of floor vegetation is fundamental in keeping vineyards and orchards clean and healthy. It forms part of a farming strategy closely dependent on weather and environmental conditions, intended to achieve high quality standards. Let’s take a detailed look at why it is important to control floor vegetation with inter-row flail mowers.

Inter-row green maintenance: a strategic choice

Constant tending of the area between vineyard rows is useful for controlling weeds, the main threat every producer wishes to avoid. This allows the use of chemical treatments to be eliminated or minimised in favour of more sustainable mechanical practices. Moreover, this operation creates a neat, uniform surface which simplifies access between the rows.

After mowing, the chopped glass left on the vineyard floor fulfils a double function with many benefits:it creates a natural cover which slows the growth of the grass underneath and reduces the development of new weeds; in addition, the chopped residue enriches the soil with vegetable material and improves its fertility by supplying it with fresh organic matter.

Inter-row flail mowers for compact tractors

Mowing of the vineyard floor takes place mainly in spring, when weather conditions are most favourable for grass growth, and in summer, when the hot weather makes it important to minimise the competition between vines and weeds and conserve the ground’s water reserves by reducing evaporation. Since this maintenance operation has to be carried out in tight spaces, quick, precise machines are required: one solution is the use of flail mowers for compact and medium power tractors, agile machines that provide excellent results without excessive compacting of the soil.

Pruning, on the other hand, creates woody offcuts between the rows: these also have to be shredded without delay using a professional flail mower. In these cases in particular, the machine must have a rugged frame and the rotor must provide rapid, high-performance chopping of the wood prunings. The drive belts also play a fundamental role, since they allow the shredder to deal with impacts without causing overloads and thus damage.

Alpego inter-row flail mowers, optimal solutions up to 150 HP

Our range of flail mowers maintains the Alpego production philosophy: high-quality products that meet the needs of the people working in the field. We have designed high-performance mulching for your vineyard and orchard, with top quality, Italian-built machines. We are so sure of our product that it can be viewed in action actually in the field.

Reasons for choosing an Alpego machine

All the models we offer you are equipped with professional rotor with inclined toolholder grips and the exclusive “Alpego Super Shredder” mulching chamber (patented in Italy). The chamber has variable volume, enabling two working modes: grass function and a function for woody residues, which remain in the mulching chamber until completely shredded.

The rotor is equipped with oversized hammers with reinforced supports and metal fasteners, enabling the flail mower to operate with optimal shredding results.

Last but not least, we have equipped Alpego flail mowers with a self-cleaning rear roller which requires no maintenance, thanks to its position close to the rotor. The distinctive reinforced rotor fitted with oversized hammers delivers high centrifugal force for outstanding performance. The small gap between rotor and rear roller means that even large volumes of shredded product are always discharged effectively, preventing troublesome blockages

The models designed for your vineyard and orchard

TB2 is the most compact flail mower, with lowered profile thanks to the exclusive gearbox transmission. The lateral transmission is equipped with new VBHP Special high-performance belts, which provide outstanding reliability in resistance to impacts and enable the lateral transmission to be recessed into the machine with a very slimline casing. The machine has a professional rotor equipped with oversized self-sharpening hammers and is ideal for tractors with power from 40 to 105 HP.

TR36 is the multi-purpose professional flail mower designed to operate with excellent results on grass, woody material, straw, plant residues, shrubs and prunings up to 8 cm in diameter. It is suitable for tractors with power from 55 to 150 HP. It is also available in the TR36F variant, with dual three-point hitch for mounting at both the front and the rear of the tractor. Both models are equipped with double counter-blade, for effective chopping with optimal shredding..

TR27 flail mower and its front-mounted version TR27 F, the latest additions to the range for tractors with power from 40 to 105 HP. In both versions, the machine can be fitted with the new Dual Hitch Kit, enabling the basic model to be mounted in front of and the “F” version behind the tractor. They are equipped with a professional rotor with oversized self-sharpening hammers and new VBHP Special high-performance belts.

Want to choose the right Alpego model for you? Explore all our flail mowers and their exclusive made in Alpego qualities.

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