Preparing the soil for seed drilling: the perfect equipment for every condition

April 4, 2023

Every soil condition requires the use of the most suitable machine, which is why Alpego offers different solutions for every situation: let's find out about them together.

Preparing for seed drilling is a fundamental phase of farming. Every soil condition requires the use of the most suitable machine, which is why Alpego offers different solutions for every situation: let’s find out about them together.

Firm soil

Firm soil has a very hard and compact consistency, low porosity and poor drainage, which limit root development and the absorption of water and essential nutrients. This physical condition results in a very high density, which can make tillage difficult.

What are the solutions?

Alpego offers two high-speed forms of tillage suitable for firm soil, with a considerable reduction in time and fuel while maintaining high quality work.

The subsoiling technique is carried out in less time than traditional ploughing, which significantly reduces fuel consumption. On an agronomic level, this technique guarantees improved water drainage and high capillarity: the cultivation benefits are manifold, with a considerable increase in production. Alpego offers a wide range of subsoilers equipped with innovative solutions, high quality standards, excellent performance and reliability even in the heaviest uses at high powers.

Another effective technique for working firm soil is cultivation, an extremely fast and versatile solution that significantly reduces time and fuel consumption.

In a single pass, it breaks up the surface crust thanks to a combination of different tools and rollers, and performs excellent soil mixing and levelling, all at different depths that can be adjusted according to the needs of the crop. The range of Alpego cultivators meets the demands of every professional.


Semi-tilled soil with the presence of crop residues

This soil condition is characterised by the presence of crop residues or spontaneous vegetation that may interfere during the tilling process, remaining on the surface after the machine has passed. As a result, the crop residues should be chopped and mixed so as not to compromise the creation of a homogeneous seedbed, promoting fertility, plant germination and root growth.

Alpego offers three different solutions for working semi-tilled soil.

The power harrow breaks up the soil and mixes it with crop residues in order to obtain a good seedbed. Alpego’s range of power harrows satisfies the most diverse needs in agriculture, and it is also possible to work in combination with seed-drills and multi-purpose front hoppers to carry out soil preparation, seed-drilling and fertilisation at the same time: fewer passages, with economic and eco-sustainable advantages.

An alternative to harrowing is tilling, a technique that allows effectively crumbling soil with reduced size and weight, together with excellent burial of any crop residues. The Alpego range of rotary tillers and stone buriers is fully equipped with the exclusive central transmission and speed gear change.

Finally, Alpego cultivators, which are extremely versatile thanks to their tillage at different depths and suitable for a variety of cultivation techniques, are also useful on semi-tilled soil.

Previously tilled soil free of crop residues

This condition represents previously tilled land free of residues.

In order to transform clods into a homogeneous seedbed, it is necessary to crumble the soil. For this technique, Alpego power harrows are ideal, either used alone or in combined tillage with seed-drills and front hoppers.

The rotary tiller also ensures a good crumbling, an even surface and suitable for seed drilling, especially in the most difficult soils or in the most extreme and dry conditions. The Alpego rotary tiller range has different configurations for every need, allowing a customised choice from four types.

Choosing the best tillage can make all the difference: only farming experience makes it possible to recognise the exact condition of the soil and choose the most advantageous techniques with functional machines. Our mission is to interpret the needs of those who are in the field every day, understanding the challenges of the industry and the need for innovation. Offering versatile, fast and efficient solutions allows us to be Alpego, Your Partner In The Field.

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