Side flail mowers: the benefits for the maintenance of green areas

August 3, 2023

It is important to plan the maintenance of green areas along roads, embankments and ditches, not only on public land but also for private rural roads. In this article we will discuss this topic and suggest some of the solutions designed by Alpego for tending these types of green areas.

Why perform maintenance on roadsides and embankments?

Tending green areas guarantees road safety, fundamental for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, and considerably improves the appearance of public urban zones. Most mowing is carried out in spring and summer, when weather conditions are most favourable to the growth of weeds.

This procedure is also fundamental for the correct maintenance of drainage ditches and river embankments and flood plainsin preparation for periods of heavy rain: this work is usually done during spring and summer, when water levels are lowest, facilitating clearance work..

Therefore, in both cases a mowing plan has to be drawn up. The ideal machine for jobs of this kind is the side flail mower, which can provide uniform cutting of grass, shrubs and prunings in many conditions. These flail mowers are designed to enable adjustment of the working angle to adapt to frequent changes in slope gradient.

For an even more professional job, a side flail mower can be combined with a front-mounted flail mower to process larger areas in less time. Two machines can also be used in combination in the open field: a side and a front-mounted flail mower can be combined for the rapid shredding of vast areas covered with crop residues such as corn or oilseed rape stalks, or to terminate cover crops.

side flail mowers

Side flail mowers, the 4 crucial Alpego qualities

Effective chopping of grass and residues which may include woody materials requires an efficient, rugged, versatile flail mower, which withstands any impacts and is able to maintain green areas in total safety. Bearing these factors in mind, Alpego has focused on four essential characteristics:

  • The distinctive reinforced rotor fitted with oversized hammers delivers high centrifugal force for outstanding performance. The small gap between rotor and rear roller means that even large volumes of shredded product are always discharged effectively, preventing troublesome blockages.
  • Self-cleaning rear roller requiring no maintenance thanks to its position very close to the rotor and with no manual lubrication, making it maintenance-free.
  • Elastic anti-shock safety system. In case of invisible obstacles, the “No-Stop” device will come into action, cutting out the mulching chamber and cushioning the impact in order to reduce the risks of damage to the machine and improve its durability.
  • Hydraulic shock absorber system which enables self-levelling angle setting, simplifying use of the flail mower in the presence of obstacles. It also safeguards the structure by cushioning the impacts generated during operation.

Side flail mowers: explore the Alpego range

Alpego has designed a wide range of flail mowers to cover the various operating demands while maintaining the highest quality standards. To guarantee you professional maintenance along roadsides, ditches, embankments, slopes, hedges and green areas, we have the Trilat range of professional multi-purpose side flail mowers of varying size and for tractors with power from 55 to 220 HP. These machines are able to operate at the rear or the side of the tractor to cut grass, plant residues, shrubs and prunings up to 10 cm. Side shift has been maximised thanks to the structure of the frame, which allows the drive shaft a wider range of movement while keeping the tractor in a safe position.

TRILAT TL31 is the multi-purpose side flail mower suitable for tractors with power from 55 to 130 HP. It is available in working widths from 1.6 to 2.2 m, and thanks to its internal gearbox it is also ideal for the tightest spaces.

TRILAT TL33 is the multi-purpose side flail mower suitable for tractors with power from 55 to 130 HP. It is available in working widths from 1.6 to 2.2 m and differs from the TL31 model in that the gearbox is mounted externally to enable greater hydraulically powered side shift.

TRILAT TL50 is the largest multi-purpose side flail mower, suitable for high-power tractors from 100 to 220 HP. The gearbox is mounted externally to provide a wide hydraulically powered side shift, while the wide angle range (+90°/-65°) allows safe operation during embankment and hedge maintenance.

To expand the working area by combining a side flail mower with a front-mounted model, the Alpego Trilat can be combined with the professional TR36 F and TR56 F models: multi-purpose flail mowers with three-point hitch, which can also be mounted on the front of the tractor. These models feature the exclusive “SSA” mulching chamber (patented in Italy) with a gate which can be moved to provide 2 working modes (grass or turbo-shredder). The largest configuration can provide a cutting width of 5.70 m!

side flail mower with a front-mounted model

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