Technical Innovation Award EIMA 2021

October 16, 2021

Alpego wins the Technical Innovation Award at EIMA 2021 in Bologna with HORIZON, the self-levelling device for seed and/or fertiliser distribution heads.

Very often, seed drills have to work on inclined land. In these cases, the machine tilts following the incline and therefore the distribution head, linked to the seeder, generates an irregular distribution in the rows, dosing more product towards the lower outlets.


The award-winning system, designed to be applied to pneumatic seed drills, consists of an electromechanical device that improves the distribution in the distribution heads, which, by maintaining a constant horizontal position, guarantees uniformity in the distribution of the seed regardless of the inclination of the land.
In addition to the obvious agronomic advantage, optimising distribution uniformity also minimises the risk of overdosing and the related problems (both economic and environmental). The use of Horizon in fields characterised by significant variations in inclination allows for a significantly higher yield per hectare compared to sowing with a standard distribution head.

To date, the Horizon system represents a prototype that we hope to be able to implement shortly on the entire range of Alpego seed drills.

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