Our story

Alpego was founded in the heart of the Veneto region as a family business, now in its third generation.


From Pegoraro to Alpego

In the immediate post-war period, Vittorio Pegoraro handcrafted the first agricultural equipment in a small workshop under his house. Thanks to his excellent ideas and construction quality, Vittorio’s highly appreciated work soon became a benchmark for the agricultural mechanisation sector. Continuing the family business, in 1988 sons Giovanni and Luciano Pegoraro created ALPEGO, a company that, to this day, is still driven by the same passion for the world of agriculture.

Why the name 'Alpego'?

In the late 1980s, the main vehicle of information for the agricultural world was participation in trade fairs. Without the Internet exhibitors were required to announce their participation through catalogues provided by trade fair organisations. Brothers Giovanni and Luciano Pegoraro had an idea that revolutionised things for the company: they changed the name so they would be among the first exhibitors in the alphabetical index. Hence ALPEGO: “A’ as in the first letter of the alphabet, ‘PEGO’ as a link to the surname and historical brand.

The stages


Vittorio Pegoraro started to design and manufacture agricultural tools, establishing Off. Costruzioni Agricole Pegoraro Pegoraro Agricultural Constructions


Giovanni and Luciano Pegoraro founded Alpego srl in Gambellara (VI)


The first folding power harrow was designed and developed


Nicola Pegoraro, currently Head of Sales, joined the company


The first welding robot went into production


Alpego's first combined seed-drill was designed and developed


Opening of the Alpego France branch


First restyling of the Alpego logo with new tagline.


Export turnover exceeded 50% of the total


Work began on the new factory in Almisano di Lonigo (VI), with an area of 25,000 m² and over 100 employees. Today it is Alpego Headquarters.


Purchase of the innovative painting plant, the only one in Europe


Expansion of the historic Gambellara (VI) site


30th Anniversary of Alpego


New tagline “Your Partner In The Field”


Launch of the Alpego Academy & Training Channel training programmes.


Purchase of the third production site in Lonigo (VI). Further expansion of the Gambellara and Almisano sites.


Start of construction of the fourth production site.


Looking to the future. Alpego machines are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.
The number of employees exceeds 200 people between Italy, France and Great Britain, with an average age of about 35 years.