KV Focus Line

Special cultivator for vineyards and orchards
The KV cultivator is suitable for working in confined spaces such as vineyards and orchards. In addition, it is equipped with Dek shanks and can be fitted with a smooth roller. Available in a working width of 1,6 m with a working depth of 50 cm, it is ideal for tractors from 75 to 120 HP.


CRAKER shank, 30 mm thick with curved profile to reduce draft force and improve mixing. Equipped with DEK ploughshare for surface tillage up to 15 cm.


Side plates with bevelled front profile to facilitate manoeuvres between rows.


Linkage cat. 2/3 | CRAKER shanks complete with DEK ploughshare | Support leg | Side plates

Technical details


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* the indicated weight is indicative, varies according to the equipment of the machine. Please consult the catalogue.

Choice of roller

For perfect soil compacting

The choice of accessory

The right accessory for every situation

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