Rotary Tiller with BIO rotor with square blades for optimum mixing of the organic mass
The FG-BIO Rotozappa Rotary tiller is equipped with square blades to reduce soil erosion and compactation. In addition, by working more superficially, it allows the forward speed to be increased by optimally mixing the organic mass. FB BIO is unique on the market due to its gear-driven central transmission. Available in two working widths from 2.5 to 3 m, it is ideal for tractors with 90 to 180 HP.


    The machine maintains all the characteristics of the FG rotary tiller with central transmission entirely designed and manufactured by Alpego.


    The central frame can be removed for maximum flexibility of use of the rotary tiller, between normal and BIO. 3-point hitch: 2° and 3° cat.


    Rotor with square blades suitably inclined to reduce the impact with the soil and obtain an excellent mixing of the organic material. The rotor is mounted on 4 supports in an oil bath with waterproof central and lateral seals. It has a reinforcing counter-flange kit as standard


    The pneumatic wheels, with millimetric adjustment, regulate the working depth from 3 to 9cm. (Tyres: 23x10.5-12 8 PR)


    The gearbox has been designed for higher speeds, among the highest in its category. Standard at 320 rpm and optional up to 400 rpm. It can also be returned to the initial standard speed.


    The reinforced hood can be adjusted manually or hydraulically to obtain the desired mulch bed. It also has 4 elastic arms to reduce shocks and vibrations.


    Extended frame with linkage cat. 2 and 3 | Speed change for PTO at 1000 rpm | Automatic cam clutch drive shaft (NOT AS STANDARD) | Rotor BIO with 6 squared blades and reinforcing counterflanges | Rear hood adjustment with hydraulic control | Pair of pneumatic wheels | Extended lateral plates

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    * the indicated weight is indicative, varies according to the equipment of the machine. Please consult the catalogue.

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