Rotary tiller with blade rotor, available with skids or roller and suitable for all types of soil
The Rotozappa FG rotary tiller is equipped with a horizontal axis rotor for excellent soil crumbling and mixing of weeds and other crop residues, which can be used in a variety of situations. FG is unique in the market thanks to its gear-driven central transmission. Available in two working widths from 2.5 to 3 m, it is ideal for tractors with 90 to 170 HP.


    The whole range of Alpego rotary tillers is equipped with the exclusive and patented central gear transmission in oil bath. Designed and built by Alpego, the vertically arranged gears made of cast iron work constantly in contact with the moving soil, which allows a natural heat dispersion. There is also a gearbox to vary the rotor rotation speeds.


    The counter flange doubles the strength of the rotor flanges and blades, increasing their strength and durability.


    The Alpego frame, instead of being screwed, is welded and guarantees further resistance to workloads reducing the possibility of breakage in difficult conditions.


    The rotary tiller can be equipped with one of the 4 available rollers or with the lateral skids.


    Linkage cat. 2, oscillating | Gearbox 540 rpm | Slip clutch drive shaft (NOT AS STANDARD) | Central track eraser

    Technical details


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    * the indicated weight is indicative, varies according to the equipment of the machine. Please consult the catalogue.

    Choice of roller

    For perfect soil compacting

    The choice of accessory

    The right accessory for every situation

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    April 4, 2023
    Every soil condition requires the use of the most suitable machine, which is why Alpego offers different solutions for every situation: let’s find out about them together.