Hydro-pneumatic subsoiler for depths down to 58 cm
The SKAT S1 hydropneumatic subsoiler, suitable for professional use, is available with mechanically or hydraulically adjustable Franter double rollers. Available in sizes from 2.5 to 3.5 m, it is suitable for tractors from 130 to 250 HP.


35 mm shank available in two different types to suit many needs.


Safety bolt fitted on every shank; if the shank hits an obstacle, the bolt shears, protecting the machine’s structure.

hydraulic no stop

The system, comprising a nitrogen accumulator with regulator valve and a series of cylinders, one on each shank, enables the shanks to absorb shocks and stresses and return to place gradually, avoiding damage to the frame structure.


TROFEO forged ploughshares and shank guards with ultra rapid fitting and removal system.


Compatible with: FRANTER M12/H12/H22/H50 rollers, G6 cage roller and DR6 disc roller, with choice of double linkage position (forward/backward). Optional: modular parallelogram kit that allows the roller type to be changed quickly.


Linkage cat. 2 and 3 | Two support legs (mounted on the roller)

Technical details


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* the indicated weight is indicative, varies according to the equipment of the machine. Please consult the catalogue.

Choice of roller

For perfect soil compacting

The choice of accessory

The right accessory for every situation

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January 29, 2022
The Alpego’s subsoilers family has been renewed with the launch of the new SKAT S1 and S2.
April 30, 2021
The family of Alpego subsoilers is renewed with the launch of the new K-DYNO, K-EVO, K-FORCE.