Seed-drilling and Fertilization


Performance e precision

The most important stage of the season, seed drilling consists of distributing seeds evenly in the soil, with the aim of achieving an adequate plant density and good germination.

Equally important during the seed-drilling phase can be fertilization, a fertiliser distribution technique aimed at optimising crop development.

Alpego combined seed drills and hoppers are made from the best materials, employing the most innovative technologies to ensure maximum yield over time and maintain high quality work.



Combined seed-drilling

Combined seed drills allow soil preparation and subsequent seed drilling in a single pass, offering multiple economic and agronomic advantages: they guarantee significant time and cost reductions, achieve homogeneous and qualitatively superior seed drilling and allow uniform germination.

Modern solutions make it possible to combine different equipment with seed drills, allowing several products to be distributed simultaneously.



Fertilization is a crucial aspect of agriculture, as it directly affects the health and productivity of cultivated plants.

Alpego front hoppers distribute fertilisers in a precise and controlled manner, ensuring constant volumes and avoiding product loss.

Alpego front hoppers are designed for the distribution of seeds, chemical and organic fertilisers, with a wide dosage range.

Their multifunctionality allows them to be used in combined seed-drilling with Alpego and other manufacturers’ machines.

multifunctional front hoppers

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