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Soil tillage is an ancient practice, but still essential today to ensure a good yield in agriculture. This activity encompasses a range of operations for which Alpego has developed state-of-the-art solutions.

Alpego agricultural machines can be used on any type of terrain and in any situation, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability. Rotary tillers, subsoilers, power harrows, disc harrows and cultivators: the best materials combined with constant technological research for optimal soil tillage


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Harrowing is a surface soil tillage aimed at preparing the seedbed.

This activity is fundamental for eliminating weeds and reducing the formation of surface crust, favouring the infiltration of rainwater and the conservation of soil moisture.

The benefits of soil harrowing are numerous: by breaking up the surface crust of the soil, it increases the porosity of the soil, promoting the passage of air and water and thus improving the habitat of plant roots.

In addition, when used in combination, it prepares an ideal seedbed for all conditions, mixing in any crop residues and reducing time and costs.



Subsoiling is a type of soil tillage that can be performed at different depths, from about 15 cm up to 60-65 cm.

This activity is important to improve soil structure, increase its porosity, drainage and reduce erosion.

Alpego offers different solutions to suit all types of terrain and all tractor powers.

he Alpego subsoiler range allows different configurations on each model for excellent versatility.


Firm soil harrowing

Soil preparation is an essential operation to obtain a good seedbed on untilled land.

It allows surface breaking, mixing of any existing plant residues, levelling even in the presence of roadways and subsequent consolidation to maintain soil moisture suitable for seed-drilling.

One of the machines that allows excellent preparation of firm soils is the disc harrow.


Rotary tilling

Rotary tilling is a soil tillage technique aimed at making the soil softer and finer, a practice particularly useful for preparing the seedbed or transplant bed.

This type of tillage is particularly suitable for removing weeds, roots from previous crops and finishing green manuring, improving soil quality and conserving organic matter.

With stone buriers, the tillage process places stones and pebbles deep down while maintaining a layer of soft, fine soil on the surface. This can be done on all types of terrain.

Rotary tillers and stone buriers


Tillage with cultivators with shanks is an effective and cost-efficient method to prepare the soil and improve soil health.

This method is ideal for all soil types and has multiple purposes: it increases the amount of air, promotes water infiltration, breaks up the surface crust, and removes and mixes weeds and crop residues.

It also limits or excludes the need for herbicides.

Cultivators with Shanks

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